1011 error code – How to Fix it?

1011 error code – What does it mean?

The 1011 error code is not a very common one, but it is one of the most “dangerous” error code you can get. 1011 error code is one of the four error codes that may indicate a hardware problem to your iDevice. There are some steps that can show you whether it is a hardware failure of your iDevice or something else. If you follow step by step the following tutorial to fix 1011 error code and nothing happens, visit the nearest Apple Store and ask them to replace your iDevice (if your warranty is still active).

How to determine if the 1011 error code was emerged from hardware issues?

You need to attempt to restore your iDevice with a known-good 30-pin Dock connector cable, a good functioning computer and a steady and secure network.

Restore tutorial to fix 1011 error code:

  1. Verify that you have downloaded and installed the latest iTunes version.
  2. Proceed with a backup to your iDevice
  3. Transfer and sync all your contents to your computer
  4. Select your iOS device when it appears in iTunes software.
  5. Select the Summary Tab and click on the restore button
  6. After the completion of restoration your iDevice will reboot.
  7. Use “Slide to set up” and follow the instructions on your iOS device’s screen.
  8. If a problem occurs, you can try to restore your iDevice from a previous backup.
  9. If your iDevice enters a rebooting loop or it does not respond, place it into recovery mode and try the procedure from the start.

What it means if 1011 error code still persists?

As I said, the 1011 error code means a probable hardware failure of your iDevice. You should immediately visit the nearest Apple Store, inform them about the 1011 error code and explain them that the restoring procedure is failing and the 1011 error code is poping up.

If you still have a valid warranty, they will replace your iDevice with a new one.

1011 error code