6.1.3 iOS version- Revealed to have Battery and WiFi issues!

 6.1.3 iOS version- What is new?

Apple had released its latest 6.1.3 iOS version with a few new features.The main features offered in the release of  6.1.3 iOS version was higher security levels,few bug fixes and improved Maps in Japan.Apple fans were anxiously waiting for the release of  6.1.3 iOS version by Apple.

Apart from the increased level of security,bug fixes and improved Maps in Japan,Apple also fixed an Evasi0n patch in there latest  6.1.3 iOS version.This left the Evad3rs Team with a drawback for their fans of Evasi0n jailbreak tool.However, the Evad3rs Team is not so sad about it, at least that is what they say.The Evad3rs Team says that they are not interested in jailbreaking  6.1.3 iOS version,they will rather wait for the next iOS release by Apple.

That’s all about the new features in  6.1.3 iOS version.The features seem to be pretty less,but the bug fix for the lock screen really is a major relief for many Apple users.


 6.1.3 iOS version- Users are facing Battery and WiFi issues!

Since the release of  6.1.3 iOS version, users are pretty happy about the lock screen bug fix,and feel more secure about their breach of privacy issues.However, now they have to face another issue.Once upgraded to the latest 6.1.3 iOS version,users are facing huge battery and WiFi issues.

Now Apple users are not really so happy about this battery issue.Many users have submitted their complains on the Apple support forum, regarding battery drains.People are really irritated as they miss their morning alarms because of the dead battery.

We all know how important smartphones have become in our daily lives.Most of us are using our smartphone 24hours.Now the bad news is that once you upgrade to  6.1.3 iOS version you may face WiFi issues too. People have been complaining that turning on their WiFi further speeds up the battery drainage.

 Should I upgrade to 6.1.3 iOS version?

Now the million dollar question is,should I still upgrade to 6.1.3 iOS version. Well if you look at it logically, the number of new features are not too many,they are just minor. Perhaps the screen lock bug fix is the most important one. However,if you tend to use your WiFi quiet often,it is recommended not to upgrade to  6.1.3 iOS version.

6.1.3 iOS version