Awesome Cydia messaging App ‘ BiteSMS’ : updated themes,improved Quick reply and Fixes

What exactly is BiteSMS?

Cydia has this amazing Messaging App called BiteSMS, it allows users to speed up the messaging process .If you have installed BiteSMS on your iPhone, you can compose  and reply to messages much quicker than the original built-in messages app by Apple.Moreover, BiteSMS has additional features too, which are not available by the default built-in messaging app.

A few of the extra features by BiteSMS include: Quick Reply, Quick compose,Scheduled Messages,Contact pics, Easy pick smileys,Auto-Forward,Auto-retry,Templates ,Passcode Lock,Privacy, Signatures and much more exciting feature.

Updated BiteSMS 6.3 with new and exciting features!

The updated version of BiteSMS version 6.3,has been released with new and improved features:

–> Cool addition to Themes.( users can initially pick themes from a few pre-loaded themes and buy other premium themes from the  Cydia App store)

–> a ‘ mark as read’ icon is now available in the Apple banner roll notification.

–> Ability to display to contact Image in the Lock screen notification list.( BiteSMS>settings>more stuff> contact pictures)

–>Improved Quick Reply control.( BiteSMS>settings>Quick Reply: Lock mode& unlock mode)

–>Fixed layout issues of iPad.

–> Fixed issue related ti the Emoji character encoding faced by new iPhones( in china)

–>Fixed bug in Quick compose volume HUD for iOS 5.1

–> Fixed a few other minor bugs.


Is BiteSMS free of cost?


BiteSMS has numerous advantages,and is a really cool App.Millions of users are using this App worldwide due to the additional features it delivers. However, like any other product or App,the first thing  customers are concerned about is the cost of using the App.Users can download BiteSMS free of cost from its official website and enjoy the features of BiteSMS for free for the fist 7 days after the download.However,after 7 days have expired,a add notification appears on the screen. Users can continue using the App by purchasing a license to remove the ads, it costs around $9. Occasionally  BiteSMS has an offer of buying the license at half the cost which mean $4.5.