Awesome WinterBoard App by Cydia

WinterBoard-the best theming App by Cydia


Cydia offers a lot apps,millions of  users around the world download numerous apps from Cydia. WinterBoard is known to be the best theming App available on Cydia so far. WinterBoard was developed by no other than the creator of Cydia App itself.Yes,Jay Freeman(Saurik) created the Winterboard App, and it is rated to be one of the best by customers worldwide. WinterBoard is entitled to be as the top theming solution for the iOS platform.

So what exactly does WinterBoard offer? and why is it rated as the best App by more than millions of customers worldwide?Basically,WinterBoard allows users to customize,and one of the main reasons behind Apple customers jailbreaking their iDevice is customizing their iDevice. WinterBoard has proven to be the most optimal(best) solution for Apple customers who are willing to customize the overall loo of their iOS environment.

One of the main reasons behind the success of WinterBoard App is the fact that it is backed up by a strong team of modders and themers. Eventually,this allows customers to put trust or have complete faith that there would be more upcoming themes for their iDevice from time to time.

Top three iOS 5 compatible Winterboard themes(HD)

WinterBoard is no doubt an excellent App by Cydia. Below are some top iOS 5 compatible Winterboard themes in HD.

1) Leg1on HD:

Ths is a perfect theme for users who like a classy look in their theme.This Theme was originally developed and released as part of a charity from a group of themers and modders and therfore is free of cost for customers. The theme is dark with an illuminated blue accent.

2) Infect3d HD

A very descent and peaceful white theme.Color accents can be altered based on users personal preference.However the only options are white, green,blue and purple.

3) Elite Pro iOS 5

Is known as one of the most classiest theme on WinterBoard.It costs $2.99 on Cydia.


Are there any other Apps similar to WinterBoard?

yes, Dreamboard App is very similar to WinterBoard,it is basically an alternative to  WiinterBoard.However Winterboard still remains on the top.