Best jailbreak tools 2011

What are the most wanted and best jailbreak tools 2011?


Jailbreak is a very common practice nowadays.Almost all Apple users have already jailbroken their iDevice or plan to do so in the near future.As we all know, jailbreak is a simple process which allows Apple users to hack into the iOS system of Apple and enjoy various benefits such as modification of the default background, downloading additional apps ,extensions and themes which are not available through the official Apple App store.

Due to the increased demand of jailbreaking among Apple users, various jailbreak tools have emerged and are available all over the internet.Jailbreak is so easy and readily accessible that users are just a click away to jailbreak their iDevice.
The best jailbreak tools 2011 include: RedSn0w, PwnageTool, Sn0wBreeze, JailbreakMe,GreenPois0n,Seas0nPass,LimeRa1n and BlackRa1n.

No matter what device you want to jailbreak be it an  iPhone,iPad, iPod touch or Apple TV. The above tools are the best jailbreak tools 2011.Many Apple users have already tried some of these tools and are pretty satisfied by the results.

Best jailbreak tools 2011- main features

Below are some of the main features of the Best jailbreak tools 2011.


>  Supports both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems
> Allows Jailbreaking iOS Device with both Tethered and Untethered way.
> Was originally known as QuickPwn
> Developed by the iPhone Dev-Team
> Allows Jailbreak on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (running a variety of firmware versions)


> Supports only Mac OS X
> Unlike allows iPhone unlockers to update to the latest firmware without updating their baseband in the process.
> Gives full control over Jailbreak; allowing to customize advance options such as root partition size.
> Creates a custom Pre-Jailbroken iOS firmware file that must be restored to the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad for it to become Jailbroken.


> Is just a PwnageTool alternative for Windows users.


>Considered to be the easiest to use Jailbreaking software of all time because using JailbreakMe you can Jailbreak your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad by simply visiting a website.

> Quickest way to Jailbreak your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and even Apple TV 2G
> Provides an Untethered Jailbreak for various firmware versions.
> Support both Mac OS X and Windows


> Developed  to Jailbreak the Apple TV.
> Compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X


> One click Jailbreaking method
> Supports Windows and Mac OS X operating systems


> Compatible with both Mac OS X and Windows operating systems
> One of the first Jailbreaking tools to feature a one click Jailbreaking method.

Best jailbreak tools 2011-common disadvantage:

It voids the warranty because of its jailbreak nature!


jail break tools 2011