Block calls and messages on iOS 7 – Learn step by step

Want to block calls and messages on iOS 7?

It is very common to have a certain list of people who you want to completely block from contacting you on your cell phone. The list of people that you might want to block can contain spammers, telemarketers, threatening exes, enemies…etc. Previously it was not possible to block call and messages on iOS 6 or other older versions however iOS 7 has this feature.

If you are depressed, annoyed or irritated from someone and really wish to block calls and messages on iOS 7, do not worry you absolutely can block them and get rid of all the hassle and depression.

Learn how to block calls and messages on iOS 7


1) How to Block iMessages from someone:

–  Settings –> Messages –> Blocked


2) How to Block FaceTime and calls:

– Settings –> Phone/FaceRime –> Blocked


3) How to Block any unknown number:

– Contacts –> Recent –> tap on the symbol ‘i’ (next to the unknown contact)–> Block this Caller (scroll down to find this option)


Note: It is important to know that if you add someone to your block list to block messages from that person, automatically that person will also be blocked from making phone calls to you.

Block contacts on iOS 7

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