Download Evasi0n-jailbreak iOS 6.0-6.1.2

Why Download Evasi0n?

Evasi0n is one of the best jailbreaking tools available for Apple users willing to jailbreak their iDevice. People around the world are certainly going crazy to jailbreak their iDevice, this is mainly due to the fact that jailbreaking allows users to get rid of the boring default look by Apple on their iOS. Jailbreaking allows users to hack into the iOS of Apple and do things the way they want and not how Apple wants.There could hardly be an Apple user in this whole universe, who wouldn’t have jailbroke his or her iDevice. Users Download Evasi0n because it works with all iDevices : iPhone, iPad or even the iPod touch.Additionally, another reason why users Download Evasi0n is because it is available for Windows, MAC OS X and even Linux.Users can Download Evasi0n free of cost from the official Evasion website.However, users willing to contribute money to the team may contribute voluntary through PayPal.

Download Evasi0n 1.5 to jailbreak iOS 6.0–6.1.2

Evasi0n was developed by the Evaders team. The Evasi0n jailbreak tool gets updated too with better and improved service for the customers.Evasion 1.5 was released with corrections such as bug fixes that caused boot issues in some iOS devices.Evasion 1.5 supports all iOS based devices on iOS 6.0 through 6.1.2.Users can easily download Evasi0n and jailbreak their iOS 6.0-6.1.2 and enjoy installing additional apps and tweaks. A few popular tweaks include,SB setting,PandoraSkip, Barrel and NCsetting.

Quick checklist for users willing to Download Evasi0n

Download Evasion 1.5
✓ iTunes installed if your running Windows.
✓ USB cable to connect your iDevice to the computer or laptop

✓ Requires only 5 mins of your time

✓Computer running windows( XP minimum), MAC OS X( 10.6 minimum), or Linux (x86/x86_84)

✓Backup your device through iTunes or iCloud BEFORE using Evasi0n, this will gurantee your ability to recover data.

✓Disable lock passcode of your iOS to avoid issues


Download Evasi0n

Download Evasi0n