Download iOS 7.0.3: One solution to fix all the bugs you face

Download iOS 7.0.3

Download iOS 7.0.3 as it is said to solve all the problems and allows people to easily use supervised iPads and iPhones for all types of objectives. This new update includes perfections and bug fixes. iOS 7.0.3 can be updated through OTA or one can easily download the IPSW file and reinstate to it. Following is the full change log for this new operating system.

Download iOS 7.0.3 with Great Features

– It includes iCloud Keychain to track the account titles, passwords, and credit card numbers for all the verified tools.
– It includes password creator so Safari can recommend exceptional and tough passwords for all the online accounts.
– You can easily update the lock-screen to adjust the duration of “slide to unlock” when you are using the Touch ID.
– It enables you to search the web and Wikipedia through Spotlight search.
– It can solve the problem when iMessage is unable to send for a number of users.
– It enables you to fix a bug that can create problems while activating the iMessage.
– It provides better functional system while using the iWork apps.

– It can easily solve the problem of accelerometer calibration.
– Notifies about a problem that can bring about a lower quality voice in Siri and VoiceOver.
– It eliminates a bug that can enable anyone to evade the passcode of lock-secreen.
– Improves the Reduce Motion Setting in an attempt to lessen both motion and animation.
– It solves a problem that could make the VoiceOver input to be much delicate.
– It allows to update the Bold Text arrangement to alter the dial pad text as well
– It solves the problems that could make controlled devices to turn uncontrolled while updating software

Recommendation to Download iOS 7.0.3

You can easily download iOS 7.0.3 from the Apple’s website or Apple Store. For those people who want to jailbreak, they should wait until some of the official sources provide the go signal to update. In other case, it is highly suggested that you should get iOS 7.0.3 because it solves a large number of problems that sometimes turn out to be extremely annoying for the Apple users.