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Download iOS 7 beta 2 is now available

There was a pretty curious and restless environment for Apple fans before the WWDC 2013 conference and keynote presentation,which revealed most of the information about Apple’s latest operating system,the iOS 7 which will be released officially in Fall 2013.  Then there was a huge demand for iOS 7 beta 1 download.People got their UDID numbers registered and downloaded iOS 7 beta 1 on their iDevices to have an experience of iOS 7 before its official release date.Finally after around two weeks of iOS 7 beta 1 version, there is now another updated version of iOS 7 beta. Apple has released iOS 7 beta 2.Apple fans willing to try out the improved version of iOS 7 beta can now download iOS 7 beta 2.

Why Download iOS 7 beta 2?

Many people might still be confused about the release of another iOS 7 beta version.This is definitely getting sneaky specially when the new iOS 7 beta 2 has been released just after two weeks. However, of course there is a logic behind it. The updated iOS 7 beta 2 version is released because there were many bugs and errors found in iOS 7 beta 1 version.Apple fans were very disappointed about that and fortunately,Apple took that into consideration and released download iOS 7 beta 2 .

Apple fans can now download iOS 7 beta 2 which has been released with fixed bugs and errors found in iOS 7 beta 1. The major issues were battery life management and application crashing. Well it has not been resolved by 100%, however it has been reduced to a huge extent.


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Download iOS 7 beta 2

Download iOS 7 beta 2