Download iOS 7 Beta on iPad 3

Download iOS 7 Beta on iPad 3 is now possible!

The release of iOS 7 is one of the most awaited release for all Apple fans worldwide. Especially after Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple Inc. has claimed that the iOS 7 is going to be the ‘biggest change’ ever since the very first iPhone was released back in the year 2007.

The official release fate of iOS 7 is going to be in this upcoming Fall 2013.Millions of fans are sitting restless to get their hands-on to theĀ  iOS 7 a.k.a the biggest change to happen!

Altough iOS 7 is going to be released in Fall officially, we give you the opportunity to Download iOS 7 Beta now at only $19.95.The developers have to register for iOS 7 beta and pay $100. We are offering you a to download iOS 7 Beta at a much cheaper price plus you will also be registered as a developer.

So what are you waiting for, if you wish to be an iOS 7 user before your friends and everyone in your circle, hurry up and download iOS 7 on iPad 3!

How to Download iOS 7 on iPad 3.

You do not need to be a high tech person in order to download iOS 7 on iPad 3, it is a very simply and easy process.All you need to do is register through our website, at the bottom of this paragraph you will find a direct link to our webpage that will allow you to register and download iOS 7 Beta.

We have designed a very simple,short and user-friendly registration form, that will take only a few minutes of your precious time.

Click on the following link to the Registration form (once you open the link just scroll down to find the registration form for download iOS 7 Beta on iPad 3):

iOS 7 Beta Registration and Activation Package


Facing trouble to download iOS 7 beta? Contact us.

If you have any doubts, or face any issues in registration or downloading iOS 7 Beta, feel free to follow up with us, we are here to for your support and help.

Download iOS 7 beta

Download iOS 7 beta