Error 9006 Fix – iTunes error code

Error 9006 Fix – Quick Tutorial

You can encounter the Error 9006 code to all iOS devices, iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch. The Error 9006 can pop up during a restoration procedure or while trying to download files via iTunes to your computer or iOS device.

There are many methods that can fix Error 9006 code and each method will be presented to you with clear and detailed steps.

Methods to Fix Error 9006 code!

Method 1:

The first reason that the Error 9006 code appears is if you have installed a security software to your computer, and it prevents the connection to Apple’s server. There are two ways to fix this Error 9006 code, first disable your security software during the restoration procedure and then enable it immediately back, or try to update to the latest version of this security software and re-try the restoration process.

Method 2:

Another reason for the Error 9006 code is the malfunctioning of your Firewall (hardware of software). Certain ports are required to be opened to your firewall in order to make secure and proper connection to Apple’s servers. If you do not want to open and close ports, you can disable your firewall during the download you want to do, and then enable it at once!

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Method 3:

The most common reason that Error 9006 code appears is the Anti-Virus software you might have. Anti-Virus programs might be very difficult to configure them properly, so the best way to overcome the Error 9006 code is to disable it and then enable it and do a quick scan to your computer.

Method 4:

This method is not based on certain evidences, it is more based on experience.  When you encounter the Error 9006 code, do a force quit from iTunes (restart iTunes) and then restart the download of the files. This method managed to fix the Error 9006 code, but there is not an explanation why this method works!

If you still have the Error 9006 code issue while downloading files from iTunes, leave us a comment to provide you other methods for a solution!

Error 9006 code