Install iOS 7.0 version to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Install iOS 7.0 version – What is the status?

Apple is still far from releasing their final official iOS 7 version, because their iOS 7 beta version still contain a very large number of bugs. If you want to Install iOS 7.0 version you will propably need to wait until the autumn, as the rumors say about the release date of iOS 7 version. At the moment you can Install iOS 7.0 beta 2 version, which is greatly improved by Apple. The first iOS 7 beta version contained a lot of bugs and the crashes were poped up every 10 minutes, so having a more stable beta version was a very good improvement.

Why to Install iOS 7.0 beta version?

Generally, beta versions are not meant to be used by simple users, because they will probably make them turn on Android smartphones. The beta version are full of bugs, which is the reason that you have to be registered as an iOS developer with Apple to Install iOS 7.0 beta version. If you are a developer you have many reasons to Install iOS 7.0 beta version to your iDevices, and the most common one is to test the compatibility of your current applications with this iOS version or start creating new ones for it. New features of iOS 7 beta version can give a lot new ideas for great innovating applications.

How to Install iOS 7.0 beta version?

The procedure is very simple, all you have to do is to visit Apple’s developer section and register the UDID number of the iDevice you want to Install iOS 7.0 beta version. There is a fee of course (Did you think that Apple would provide it to you for FREE?) of $100, but you will be able to download and install any future iOS beta version for the whole following year. Stay away from websites that promise FREE installation or very cheap UDID registration, they are most likely fake.

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