Install iOS 7 Beta 2 on iPhone 4 – A better experience of iOS 7 beta.

It is now possible to Install iOS 7 Beta 2 on iPhone 4.

Apple is no doubt a very successful organization in terms of doing business.It has been able to capture Customers from different regions of the earth.This clearly indicates that Apple is running not just at a local but at an international level too.Apple Inc. has been able to attract customers towards its unique and exclusive products.Their strategy of providing a unique and different operating system is pretty much successful even when people jailbreak its operating system.This year iOS 7 is the  main center of attraction for millions of Apple fans and competitors like Samsung as well!

After the annual WWDC 2013 conference held on Monday 10th of June 2013, Apple released iOS 7 Beta 1 for download.There was a huge demand for iOS 7 beta 1 .Soon after a few weeks of iOS 7 beta 1 craziness, Apple Inc has now released iOS 7 beta 2. Apple users can install iOS 7 beta 2 on iPhone 4 now.


Why Install iOS7 Beta 2 on iPhone 4?

Many people are still confused about the difference between installing iOS 7 beta 1 and iOS 7 beta 2.The main idea about beta versions being released by Apple Inc. is their strategy of getting feedback about iOS 7 beta1 from its users and then releasing an improved and revised newer version of iOS 7 beta 2. Apple keeps on releasing an updated and revised version of iOS 7 beta until it is able to provide the best iOS 7 version on the official release date of iOS 7 ,which is Fall 2013.

One of the reasons behind why install iOS 7 beta 2 on iPhone 4 is that iOS 7 beta 1 version left many users disappointed due to the errors like application crashing and battery life management  issues.The iOS 7 beta 2 version is released with fixed errors and issues seen in iOS 7 beta 1.

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Install iOS 7 Beta 2 on iPhone 4

Install iOS 7 Beta 2 on iPhone 4

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