Install iOS 7 Beta on iPad 3

Why install iOS 7 Beta ?

Apple Inc. has been very successful in building a brand name in the market and acquiring customer loyalty all over the world.The release of iOS 7 and the features that would be seen in iOS 7 made iOS 7 one of the most awaited release.Apple fans from around the world wanted to have a sneak peak into the iOS 7 and its features. The WWDC conference that happens every year in California was the best place to get news related to the technologies,software’s used and the features that would be seen in iOS 7. The WWDC conference 2013 took place on Monday 10th of June and answered all the question marks going on in everybody’s head.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple Inc. revealed that the iOs 7 is going to bring the biggest change ever since the release of the very first iPhone back in the year 2007. The WWDC keynote 2013 further reveals that the iOS 7 design has been revamped with simplicity. The new iOS 7 design is very beautiful and definitely on the wish list for millions of fans worldwide, The features and design are available online just to see on the official website of Apple Inc.However the official release date is a bit far, in fall 2013.

If you cannot wait for fall 2013 and want to install iOS 7 beta now on your iPad 3, before all your friends and colleagues,then keep on reading to find out HOW to install iOS 7 beta.


How to install iOS 7 Beta on iPad 3?

We give you the chance to install iOS 7 beta at only $19.95.Register your UDID number by visiting our download page to install iOS 7 Beta. Once you open the page, you will find a short form at the bottom of the page. Just fill it up and get your UDID registered!The form is designed to be short,simple and user friendly just for you.


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Install iOS 7 beta

Install iOS 7 beta