Install iOS7 beta2 on iPhone

Why install iOS7 beta2 on your iPhone

The release of Apple’s latest operating system has always been one of the most awaited releases since the year 2007.This year Apple is going to release iOS 7.The details about the kind of features that would be seen in iOS 7 were revealed in Apple’s annual WWDC 2013 conference and keynote presentation held in California on Monday10th of June 2013.The iOS 7 design can also be seen online from Apple’s official website.The iOS 7 beta 1 version was avaible for download after the WWDC conference however users were quiet disappointed from it.

The latest and most recent release by Apple is iOS 7 beta 2.There are many reasons why install iOS 7 beta 2 is recommended for download on your iPhone.The previous iOS 7 beta 1 version was very disappointing because it had many bugs and errors which included application crashing and battery lie management issues.Thanks to Apple Inc. it took into consideration all those errors and released an improved and better iOS 7 beta 2 version with fixed errors and bugs.Apple fans may install iOS 7 beta 2 version on their iPhone to experience a much better and improved iOS 7 beta version.


Install iOS7 beta2 – supported iPhone models.

Millions of Apple fans are willing to experience the latest and new iOS 7 beta version.The new iOS 7 design has been revamped with simplicity. Apple fans may register on Apple’s official website to install iOS 7 beta 2 on their iPhone.Below is a list of supported iPhone’s on which users may install iOS 7 beta 2 verision.

– iPhone 3GS

– iPhone 4

– iPhone 4S

– iPhone 5


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