Is iOS 7 for iPod Touch 4G?

Wondering is iOS 7 for iPod Touch 4G?

The most recent release by the world famous Apple Inc. was the iOS 7, yes the wait for the release of iOS 7 is finally over.As promised,Apple Inc. has officially released to the public its latest operating system the iOS version 7 .There are many new features seen in the iOS 7 ,and the look has also been revamped with simplicity,there is also a lot of work done on the icons,making them more colorful as well.

As soon as iOS 7 was released officially, Apple fans were willing to download iOS 7 on their selected iDevices. Many were even wondering is iOS 7 for iPod Touch 4G, well the answer is YES. The iPod Touch 4G is supported by iOS 7 and people who want to install iOS 7 on their iPod Touch surely can go ahead and update their iPod Touch 4G with iOS 7.


Is iOS 7 for iPod Touch 4G?- How to install

Apple fans who were wondering is iOS 7 for iPod Touch 4G,would now want to learn how to install ioS 7 on iPod Touch 4G. The overall installation process is very simple and straight forward.Go to the settings menu on your iPod Touch 4G and simply follow the steps illustrated below to install iOS 7 on your iPod Touch 4G, you will need to be connected to the internet too for the upgrade/installation process.

Settings menu–>general–>software update.


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