iPhone Car Mode Concept: A Likely Solution for Messaging While Driving

A huge number of road mishaps are linked with texting while driving, which, no matter how necessary is during long drives, can cause severe damages. It is still a disgrace and surprising that none of the leading smartphone companies including Apple, Samsung have ever considered of resolving such issues. However, it doesn’t imply that the smartphone users do not care about it as well and therefore a New York-based designer Joey Cofone designed an iPhone Car Mode concept in iOS that would actually impose that one must not text while driving.

iPhone Car Mode Concept: How it WorksCar Mode Concept for iPhone

The iPhone Car Mode concept operates in a way to the old-style conventional Airplane Mode that is used on nearly all devices and initiates itself when the device is connected with car’s Bluetooth system. It represents that the iOS Settings app will handle the concept in same way all other innate features work. When it will be triggered, one cannot reply to any other person and the system will not provide SMS notifications. However, it can enable you to get hands free calls if you want. It will only enable you to text and receive messages when it is disconnected from car’s Bluetooth. It will also automatically disconnect when you stop driving.

iPhone Car Mode Concept: Potential

This concept was awarded with the first prize in the Command X contest last month. The contestants were had to suggest a solution for getting rid of the risk of messaging while driving. This concept was not only instinctual and useful. The main benefit is that it doesn’t put “Car Mode” as an extra application that is required to be downloaded. It is an incorporated aspect of iOS that could attract a huge amount of users.

iPhone Car Mode Concept: What are Expectations?Car Mode Concept for iPhone

There is not any initiative or response to such iPhone Car Mode concept from any leading smartphone manufacturer. A large number of Apple users now expect that Apple should include such feature in its upcoming Apple products and must think about associating with car insurance organizations and thus develop “Car Mode hours” as an incentive system for efficient drivers. Whether the smartphone manufacturers like Apple view it as component of its business social duty or just another feature or model that is usually launched, time will decide this, but most of the Apple users do admire the entire this concept and related ideas.