What is new in iOS 7.0.3 version?

iOS 7.0.3 version

The iOS 7.0.3 version  has been released


Apple Inc. had made three releases in the month of September. The CEO Tim Cook had already promised at the annual WWDC 2013 conference held in California that the launch of iOS 7 version will be made in Fall 2013 officially. Before the release of iOS 7 version by Apple Inc. the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S were also released to the public in the same month of September 2013.


Since the release of iOS 7 version, there have been two other releases for the iOS 7 version. First the iOS 7.0.1 version was released followed by the iOS 7.0.2 and now the  iOS 7.0.3 version.


Learn what is new in iOS 7.0.3 version


For those who are new to the Apple world,each time a new version is planned to be released by Apple Inc. numerous beta versions are released to the developers so that any bugs and errors in the upcoming operating system gets fixed and resolved, as a result an improved and much reduced number of errors are seen in the official iOS version. This year it was the iOS 7 version,despite the beta versions there were still some errors and bugs seen in the iOS 7 version and that’s why Apple released iOS 7.0.1 then iOS 7.0.2 , and now the iOS 7.0.3 has also been released.

If you are wondering What is new in iOS 7.0.3 version, it is very simple. The iMessage issues seen in the iOS 7 version has been fixed in the updated iOS 7.0.3 version.So if you want to fix the iMessage issues on your iDevice you are recommended to install iOS 7.0.3 version.


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iOS 7.0.3 version

iOS 7.0.3 version