Photosynth Application from Microsoft

Photosynth Application from Microsoft- cool for iPhone users!

Microsoft has released an amazing and interactively fun ‘ Photosynth App.All iPhone users are recommended to download it and try it out as soon as possible, it is a really cool  App,absolutely free of cost and full of fun! The Photosynth App is a panorama app by Microsoft.The features of this amaziing app by Microsoft allows users to easily create cool panoramas. This new app by  Microsoft is user-friendly with easy guidelines at your fingertips!

This App is very popular and used by people worldwide.Pictures taken by the Photosynth App are about 2000-3000 pixels, which is pretty good!The images get automatically stored to your camera once clicked.There is no fuss about that annoying ‘save button’ that one has to hit on to normally. This way the Photosynth App turns out to be much faster and less irritating as compared to a few other Apps.

Download Photosynth App and upload pictures on Facebook!

As we all know Facebook is one of the most visited websites or you could say social network site at the moment!People all around the world use Facebook to share pictures with their friends and loved ones. Th Photosynth App can be used to share pictures directly on you Facebook account,the picture would be about 2048 pixels.Its easy to upload, a simple and fast process. The Photosynth App can be used to share pictures on your Windows live account as well. So basically it supports only Facebook and Windows live at the moment.Once you share your picture via Photosynth you can view it in 360Â.

Drawbacks of Photosynth App

No matter how successful a product claims to be,there are always pros and cons of almost every single thing on this planet Earth! So is the case with the amazing phosynth App by Microsoft.
Photosynth App may be really cool,easy to play with(user-freindly), and free of cost.However people on social networks such as Twitter, Tumblr Posterous or  other social networks cannot enjoy the benefit of directly sharing their pictures using Photosynth App.

Photosynth App