What is the price of iPad Air?

Wondering what is the price of iPad Air? Check out some of it’s features first!

Apple has come up with another exciting product,iPad Air which is also known as the ‘power of lightness’. There has been a lot of changes in the design,Apple has used a lot of advanced technology in the new design of iPad-Air.Apple also reveals that the iPad-Air is the thinnest iPad version ever( 7.5 millimeters thin). Additionally, the iPad- Air weighs only around 1 pound,which s very light!

Getting into more details about the iPad-Air,there is an amazing retina display inside the iPad-Air.The overall CPU performance is two times faster than previous versions of the iPad.

Another thing that you would definitely love about the iPad-Air is the battery life! No need to worry about battery low when you have an iPad-Air! The battery lie extends up to 10hours,so now you can watch movies while traveling and have absolutely no issues about the battery life.

Before moving on to other features you sure want to know what is the price of iPad-Air.

Details about what is the price of iPad Air

There is so much more about the features of iPad Air,but getting back to the price details you definitely want to know how much it would cost you to get your hands on to the iPad Air before you can enjoy its amazing new features and design.
So exactly what is the price of iPad-Air?
You have four options to pick from.

Wi-Fi and Cellular

1) 16GB      $ 629

2) 32GB      $ 729

3) 64GB      $ 829

4) 128 GB   $ 929

Well what do you think about the prices? Pretty high /low or reasonable enough? Do comment below to share your views about the iPad-Air pricing.

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What is the price of iPad-Air

What is the price of iPad-Air