What is the price of iPhone 5C?

Want to know what is the price of iPhone 5C?

The exciting new products by Apple Inc. are on the wish list of more than a millions Apple fans living around different corners of the world.Yes I am talking about iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S,which are the most recent launch by Apple Inc. Well no matter how much advance the world of technology gets,Apple Inc. has definitely got the secret key behind the door of happiness for Apple fans! The iPhone 5C is said to be for’ colorful’ people. Whereas the iPhone 5S is said to be for the ‘forward thinking’.

If you are one of those die hard Apple fans and want to know what is the price of iPhone 5C, you sure have come to the right place.The iPhone 5C is for the colorful people and has exciting new features,ranging in five different colors. You can pick your favorite color according to your own choice and preferences.Keep on reading to learn about the price of iPhone 5C in details.

What is the price of iPhone 5C- Details

First of all before you rush into buying the iPhone 5C ,you should know that when you think about what is the price of iPhone 5C,you have two options. Either to buy the unlocked version or the locked version of the iPhone 5C. Well iPhone 5C is much cheaper than the iPhone 5S,simply bringing it closer to the access of public.
If you plan to buy the normal iPhone 5C ,this is what it will cost you:

1) iPhone 5C 16 GB ( from $99)

2) iPhone 5C 32GB (fro $199)


The price on an unlocked iPhone 5C (from the official website of Apple Inc.) :

1) iPhone 5C 16 GB ( for $549)

2) iPhone 5C 32GB (for $649)


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