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Is iOS 7 for iPod Touch 4G?

Wondering is iOS 7 for iPod Touch 4G? The most recent release by the world famous Apple Inc. was the iOS 7, yes the wait for the release of iOS 7 is finally over.As promised,Apple Inc. has officially released to the public its latest operating system the iOS version 7 .There are many new features seen in the iOS 7 ,and the look has also been revamped with simplicity,there is also a lot of work done on the icons,making them more colorful as well. As soon as iOS 7 was released officially, Apple fans were willing to download iOS 7 on their selected iDevices. Many were even wondering is iOS 7 for iPod Touch 4G, well the answer is YES. The iPod Touch 4G is supported by iOS 7 and people who want to install iOS 7 on their iPod Touch surely can go ahead and update their iPod Touch […]


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Posted by Miss B. - September 21, 2013 at 11:49 am

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