top 5 Siri tips for students – Homework made easier!

Want to know about the top 5 Siri tips?

When Apple introduced Siri the very first time to the public,many people took it very lightly,only a few people knew how useful Siri would turn out to be.For those who have no clue about what exactly Siri is,Apple products have Siri which acts as an virtual assistant to the iDevice holder. The name Siri was given by the developer,he named it as his first child’s name.

Apple had ensured that they would be doing some work on Siri and would improve Siri in iOS 7 version.If you explore Siri,it can be a really useful tool for you,specially students who are studying at school.Learn about the top 5 Siri tips to discover that potential of Siri and make life easier for you as a student!

Learn about the top 5 Siri tips

Being a student, there is a lot to do on daily basis, one hardly gets a few hours of peace to sleep! When there are a lot of tasks and pressure,it is very useful to have a tool life Siri.

Have a sneak peak into top 5 useful Siri tips for students.

1) Translate to learn new languages via Siri.

Learn new languages


2) Make notes only be speaking ( Siri will turn your voice to text)

Turn voice into text

3)Solve maths and statistics equations

Maths with Siri

4) Type the picture you want to see and you Siri will show it to you

Siri images

5) Access to a Dictionary and spelling checker.

Siri Dictionary

With all these amazing features by Siri you can now do your french or maths homework easily ,it saves your time and energy. You can easily check answers to any quizzes or homework submission.

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