Upgrading iPod Touch to iOS 7: Review and Assessment

Upgrading iPod Touch to iOS 7

Upgrading iPod Touch to iOS 7: Dilemma of iPod Touch 4G users

If you have an iPod touch and want to have latest iOS 7 of Appleā€™s controlled OS, you may be disappointed, even though you bought the iPod at the start of this year. Apple has not provided iOS 7 for the iPod touch 4G, which is supplied in the market until May. iOS 7 requires more than 512 MB of RAM, and the iPod touch 4G has 256 MB of RAM. However, the latest iPod touch 5G, which the company just started supplying last fall, is the sole version that operates on iOS 7. iPod touch 5G is the first version to include a 4-inch display similar to that of iPhone 5. The company kept offering a 16-GB iPod touch 4G for $200, after it released the latest, bigger display version. In May, it ultimately terminated the supply of iPod touch 4G, substituting it with a $230 latest iPod Touch 5G and Upgrading iPod Touch to iOS 7.

Upgrading iPod Touch to iOS 7: What you may miss out

The incapacity for of the iPod Touch 4G users to get iOS 7 is comparable to the move the company made twelve months ago, when iOS 6 was launched. The company refused to create a model of that upgrade for the new iPad, a product that was not more than 3 years old.

Besides not having the latest look, the iPod Touch 4G will fail to benefit from some latest specifications that Apple has made available into iOS 7, including a fast settings range that helps to simply turn on or off the WiFi and Bluetooth antennas. Further gravely, the iPod Touch 4G users will not be able to benefit from security updates. When the company stops backing up an older version, it no longer provides security updates, even when new susceptibilities are found. Therefore, upgrading iPod Touch to iOS 7 is crucial.

Upgrading iPod Touch to iOS 7: What are the other options?

The iPod Touch 4G is not the only device that cannot run on iOS 7. The iPhone 3GS, which was launched in 2009, also cannot run on iOS 7. Otherwise, all devices that are operating on iOS 6 can easily have the latest iOS 7. Such devices are the iPad mini, all larger display iPads from the iPad 2 to onward and all iPhones from the iPhone 4 to onward. As far as the iPods are concerned, iOS 7 is only compatible with the 5th generation iPod touch. Therefore, If you want to benefit from the latest features by Upgrading iPod Touch to iOS 7, then the only way is to buy a latest iPod Touch 5G.

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